Subclient Properties (Content)

Use this tab to add, modify or view the contents of a selected subclient. Note that all the options described in this help may not be available and only the options displayed in the dialog box are applicable to the agent for which the information is being displayed.

Contents of subclient

Displays a list of paths of data included as content for this subclient. Special characters (such as "\" "/" "." ",") represent content of the default subclient, that is not assigned to other subclients within the backup set.

When a symbolic link is included in the subclient content, the target of the symbolic link along with the link itself can be displayed.

  • Delete

    Click to delete the selected path/data/folder from the Contents list for this subclient.

  • Browse

    Click to browse for new content that you want to add to this subclient.

  • Add Paths

    Click to enter new content path(s). You can also use wildcards to define content for a subclient. See Wildcards for a list of supported wildcards.

    Note: For IntelliSnap backups, wildcards are not supported to define the subclient content.

  • Edit Paths

    Click to edit content path(s).

  • As User

    Click to enter the user account details to perform backups. For more information, see Configuring User Impersonation for Restricting Backups for End-Users.

Only Backup files created or modified on and after

Click to select the options for backing up files changed or modified after a specific date. This option is displayed in the dialog box only when the bAllowBackupFilesCreatedOrModifiedOnAfter additional setting is configured on the CommServe.

  • Time Zone

    Specifies the time zone from which you are filtering data for backup.

  • Date

    Specifies the date after which the data modified or changed has to be backed up.

Only backup files that qualify for archiving

Click to backup files that qualify for archiving.

Enable Apple Double Support

The File System iDataAgent backs up Apple Double formatted files as two separate files. Selecting this option will allow you to backup the Apple Double formatted Macintosh files as a single file.

Expand symbolic links of subclient content

Select this option to expand and back up the data paths in the symbolic links of the subclient content.


Click to display the data paths to which the symbolic links in the subclient content's data are pointing.

Instead of clicking Discover, wait until the backup completes and then refresh the subclient. Then go to Contents of subclient. The data contents for the symbolic links should be displayed.


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