Getting Started with Customizing Completed with Errors Condition

Use the following steps to create an error decision rule to monitor errors that may occur during File System backups, Cloud Apps (Amazon S3 and Azure Blob Storage) backups, or SharePoint backups.

  1. From the CommCell Console ribbon, on the Home tab, click Control Panel.
  2. Under Data, click Job Management.

    The Job Management dialog box is displayed.

  3. Click the Job Status on Errors tab.
  4. On the Error Decision tab, in the Group Category pane, select the agent for which you want to add the decision rules.
  5. Click Add.

    The Add Job Error Decision Rule dialog box is displayed.

  6. Follow one of the procedures below to add decision rules for File System agents, Cloud Apps agents, a SharePoint Server agent, or a SQL Server agent:

    Adding decision rules for Windows, UNIX, or Cloud Apps (Amazon S3 and Azure Blob Storage) agents

    Adding decision rules for SharePoint Server agent

    Adding decision rules for SQL Server agent

  7. Click OK to close the Job Management dialog box.

    You can add more error decision rules for the selected agent, or choose a different agent to add new decision rules.

    You can also set the priority for the decision rules that you create by moving a rule up (higher priority) or down (lower priority) using the arrow buttons.

Last modified: 2/20/2018 3:43:24 PM