Backup Set Property (VM Disk Filters)

VM Disk Filters

Use this area to define criteria for filtering virtual machine disks from any subclient in the backup set. When you perform a backup, the disks that satisfy the specified criteria are automatically excluded from the backup.

This area displays a list of all the defined filters.


Click this button to open the Add Disk Filter dialog, which you can use to define disk filters.

  • Virtual Device Node: Select a device node from the list.
  • Datastore: Click ... to browse, select a datastore, and click OK. All disks on that datastore will be filtered.
  • VMDK Name/Pattern: Enter a pattern for the names of disks to filter (for example, VMName.vmdk, *VMName.vmdk, /**/folder/VM*.vmdk, or [Datastore]*/VM*.vmdk). Letters entered as part of a disk name pattern are case sensitive.
  • Hard Disk #: Select the first and last numbers for the range of hard disk labels to filter. For example, hard disk 1 would map internally to scsi(0:0). Consider the following before filtering disks based on a disk number:
    • You cannot filter by disk number if the vCenter is non-English.
    • When you add disks to a virtual machine, a SCSI ID is assigned to the disk automatically, and the SCSI ID can match a disk number that you have filtered. Do not use this filtering criteria if you add new disks to virtual machines frequently.


Select a disk filter entry and click Edit to modify the filter.


Select a disk filter entry and click Delete to remove the filter from the backup set.

Last modified: 1/8/2018 10:51:48 PM