VM Live Sync Monitor

The following information is displayed on the VM Live Sync Monitor tab:

  • Source: Name of the original VM.
  • Destination: Name of the replicated VM.
  • Last Backup Time: The time when the last backup completed.
  • Last Sync Time: The time when the snapshot was taken during the latest backup of the source VM. The time is shown in the time zone of the CommServe host.
  • Schedule Name: The name of the schedule created for the Live Sync operation.
  • Last Successful Replication Job: Job ID of the last successful Live Sync operation.
  • Sync Status:
    • Sync Enabled: Replication is enabled.
    • Needs Sync: The latest backup changes have not yet been replicated to the destination VM.
    • Sync in Progress: Replication to the destination VM is in progress.
    • Sync Paused: Replication job has been suspended on the Job Controller.
    • In Sync: The destination VM has all changes from the source VM since the last backup.
    • Failed to Sync: The last attempt to replicate changes failed, and Live Sync is disabled.
    • Sync Disabled: Live Sync is disabled for the virtual machine displayed in the VM Live Sync Monitor.
    • Failover/Failback Status: Displays the status of failover or failback operations:
      • Failover Complete: Failover to a secondary site completed successfully.
      • Failover In Progress: A failover to a secondary site is in progress.
      • Failover Paused: A failover job has been suspended from the Job Controller.
      • Failover Failed: A failover operation failed.
      • Failback Complete: A failback to the primary site completed successfully.
      • Failback In Progress: A failback operation is in progress.
      • Failback Paused: A failback job has been suspended from the Job Controller.
      • Failback Failed: A failback operation failed.
  • Destination Vendor: The hypervisor for the destination VM.
  • Last Backup Time: The time that the last backup of the source VM was completed.

As needed, you can select one of the following values by right-clicking the row for a job on the VM Live Sync Monitor tab.

  • Enable Live Sync: If Live Sync is disabled, you can select this option to re-enable it. When Live Sync is re-enabled, the next scheduled Live Sync job will perform full replication on the destination VM.
  • Disable Live Sync: Turn off Live Sync.
  • Go To Schedule: Display the Live Sync Options dialog box with the Job Initiation tab displayed.
  • Mark for Full Sync: Mark a virtual machine to be replicated completely from the latest full or synthetic full backup and any subsequent incremental backups. This option is only available for a single VM, and is not available if the Sync Status for the VM is Sync Disabled, Failed to Sync, Sync in Progress, or Sync Paused. When a VM has been marked for full sync, the status changes to Needs Sync.

    Note: After marking a VM for a full sync, perform a backup of the source VM. When the backup completes, the full sync operation starts automatically.

  • Sync Immediately: For a row with the status Needs Sync, use this command to process any backups that have not yet been applied to bring the destination VM in sync.
  • Properties: Display information for the virtual machine: the associated backup set, subclient, source VM name, vCenter host, and proxy, the destination VM name, and the last backup and sync times. This option is the default if you double-click a row.

Last modified: 5/31/2018 1:27:35 PM