Subclient Properties (Backup Options)

Use Changed Block Tracking

This option is selected by default, enabling the use of Changed Block Tracking (CBT) for all backups of virtual machines (VMs) under the subclient. CBT optimizes backups by reading only the allocated and modified portions of virtual machine disks.

Clear this option to disable CBT for backups of virtual machines under the subclient.

Virtual Machine Backup Type

Select one of the following options:

  • Application Aware

    Use an application plug-in on the guest VM to enable database restores for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, or Oracle applications running on a Windows VM.

    Click Guest Credentials to enter credentials that can be used to access each guest VM.

  • File System and Application Consistent

    Use VMware tools to quiesce the operating system and applications on each virtual machine in the subclient during the backup of the VM. The backup process may slow down because of the quiescing. VMware Tools are required to quiesce the operating system and applications.

  • Crash Consistent

    Perform a backup without quiescing the operating system and applications.

Perform Datastore Freespace Check

Select this option to set a threshhold for free space on a datastore. If the datastore for a virtual machine under the subclient does not have enough free space for a snapshot of the VM, the backup of that VM is skipped. Checking for freespace before running the backup avoids errors during the backup job.

Datastore Freespace Required

Enter or select a percentage value for the amount of free space that is required on the hosting datastores for snapshots of virtual machines under the subclient.

Collect File Details

Select this option to collect file and folder information as part of streaming backups and IntelliSnap backup copies. Use this option when creating a copy for tape storage, because file and folder information is required when recovering files from tape. Use this option when performing data analytics on a client computer group that includes VSA clients.

Note: This information is not required to browse and recover files. If this information is not collected during backups, a live browse operation is used to browse and restore files.

Last modified: 7/12/2019 8:42:45 PM