Advanced Restore Options (ESX Browse)

When restoring a full VM out of place with IntelliSnap or mounting a snapshot on a different host, this tab enables you to specify a different vCenter or ESX server as the destination.

Default Selection

Shows the default destination host for restores.

  • Select ESX Server

    Select an ESX server from the same vCenter from the list.

Override Default Selection

Specify a different vCenter, user account, or host:

  • Virtual Center / ESX Server

    Enter the hostname or IP address for the destination vCenter.

  • Server logon account

    Displays the user account associated with the vCenter. Click Change to enter different user credentials.

  • Browse VirtualCenter / ESX Servers for destination

    Click this button to select a different ESX server as the host.

  • Host

    Displays the destination host.

Last modified: 1/8/2018 10:51:43 PM