Virtual Server Instance Properties (General)

Use this dialog box to view and modify the properties of a VMware instance.

Client Name

Displays the name of the virtualization client on which the instance is created.


Displays the name of the agent to which this instance belongs.

Instance Name

Displays VMware as the instance name. You can change the instance name.

Vendor Type

Displays VMware as the vendor type.


When you create a virtualization client, the following options are configured for a VMware instance. You can modify them if required.

  • vCenter host name

    Displays the host name of the vCenter for which you have created the virtualization client. All virtual machines from this vCenter will be backed up.

  • User Account

    Displays the user account associated with the vCenter.

    Click Change if you want to change the user account required to access the vCenter. Once the credentials are configured, the user account will be displayed.

  • vCloud Login Credentials

    Click Configure to configure the instance for the backup of virtual machines from a vCloud. Provide the host name of the vCloud and its login credentials.

  • Guest Credentials

    Provides credentials that can be used to log on to guest virtual machines in the instance. To change guest VM credentials, click Change.

  • Register vCenter Plug-In

    When selected, the VM File Recovery Plugin is configured in the vCenter.

  • Create Clients for All Virtual Machines

    Select this option to display each discovered virtual machine as a separate client computer in the CommCell Console. This option makes it easier to install new components on specific virtual machines for individualized protection.

Notes on User Credentials

The Virtual Server Agent requires user accounts that have sufficient permissions for the software to:

  • Access the vCenter and ESX servers.
  • Access virtual machines.
  • Access volumes, files, and folders within virtual machines.
  • Perform discovery, backup, and restore operations.

When you configure the VMware vCenter client, you must provide the user account credentials for the vCenter. Later, you can change the user account at the instance level.

Last modified: 1/4/2019 9:02:05 PM