Restore Options (Virtual Server)

Use this dialog box to select a type of restore. You can select one of the following restore type while restoring data from a virtual machine in a vCenter:

Full Virtual Machine

This restore type is selected by default. The entire virtual machine will be restored along with its configuration files and disks.

If at least one Hyper-V node is configured on the CommServe host, a Restore as option is displayed. The default selection is VMware; but you can select Microsoft Hyper-V to use the last successful backup of a full VMware virtual machine to create a Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine. This option enables you to duplicate a VMware virtual machine for the Hyper-V environment, or to migrate a virtual machine from VMware to Hyper-V.

Virtual Machine Files

Select this option to restore disks (VMDK files) from a virtual machine.

Attach Disk to Existing VM

Select this option to attach one or more disks of a backed up virtual machine to an existing virtual machine.

Guest Files or Folders

Select this option to restore files or folders from a virtual machine.

Virtual Lab

Use this restore type to restore multiple virtual machines as a Virtual Lab in an isolated network. You can restore as a Virtual Lab only if you have created a Virtual Lab Policy, otherwise you must create the Virtual Lab Policy as part of the restore operation. You can manage the Virtual Lab on Web Console in the Virtual Labs application.

View Content

Click this button to view the virtual machines backed up by selected backupset. The content will be displayed in the CommCell browser.

Last modified: 2/27/2018 9:50:55 PM