Subclient Properties (IntelliSnap Operations)

Use this tab to enable IntelliSnap backup and specify IntelliSnap options for the selected subclient.


Select this check box to enable IntelliSnap backup for the subclient

Available Snap Engines

Select a snapshot engine vendor from the list.

  • Manage Array

    Click to access the Array Management dialog, which enables you to add or modify access information for a array.

Use Separate Proxy for Backup Copy

To use a separate proxy for backup copy operations, select this option and choose a proxy from the Proxy list.

  • Proxy

    Select a proxy for backup copy operations.

Include Raw Device Maps

Select this option to include physical and virtual RDMs in IntelliSnap backups.

When this option is selected, physical RDMs are backed up as virtual RDMs, and can be restored as VMDKs.

Include Independent Disks

Select this option to include independent disks in IntelliSnap backups.

When this option is selected, independent disks are backed up as dependent disks, and can be restored as dependent disks.

Collect File Details for Snapshot Copy

Select this option to collect file and folder information as part of IntelliSnap backups. Use this option when creating a copy for tape storage, because file and folder information is required when recovering files from tape.

Note: File details are not required to browse and recover files from disk storage. If file details were not collected during backups, a live browse operation is used to browse and restore files.

Live Sync Direct Snapshot Retention

When Virtual Server Agent Snap is selected from the Available Snap Engines list, select this option and specify the number of snapshots to be retained on source VMs for Live Sync Direct operations.

When the number of snapshots on a source VM reaches this number, the oldest snapshot is pruned as part of the next backup job. Setting the snapshot retention ensures that snapshots are not retained indefinitely when they are no longer needed for Live Sync Direct operations.

Last modified: 1/22/2019 6:48:25 PM