Configuring an Alternate Port for SSL for the Custom Report Engine

If you have a Custom Report Engine and you want to configure SSL on a port other than 443, you must add the customreportengineurl additional setting before you configure the SSL connector for Tomcat. For information on configuring the SSL connector, see Configuring the SSL Connector for Tomcat.

If you are using the Custom Report Engine over HTTPS, then the SSL certificate that is installed on the Custom Report Engine must be signed by a legitimate certifying authority. You cannot use self-signed certificates.

Note: The Custom Report Engine is always installed as part of the Web Server package.


  1. Determine which computer requires the additional setting:
    • If the Web Server and the Web Console are installed on the same computer, add customreportengineurl to the Web Server client.
    • If the Web Server and the Web Console are installed on separate computers, add customreportengineurl to each  Web Console client that points to the Web Server.
  2. Add the customreportengineurl additional setting to the appropriate client:











    For instructions on adding the additional setting from the CommCell Console, see Adding or Modifying Additional Settings from the CommCell Console.

  3. Restart the Tomcat services on either the Web Sever or Web Console computer.

    For instructions on restarting the Tomcat service, see Restarting a Service.Topics

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