This dialog box displays the job information. To send the log files for the job, right-click the job, and then click Send Logs.

Job ID

The system generated ID for the job. The job ID must have been generated in the last 30 days.


The job type, for example, Backup.

Note: If you perform a backup or restore by a using third-party command line interface, for example, RMAN, "3RD" is appended to the operation type.


The job status, for example, Completed. For descriptions of job statuses, see Job Status Descriptions.


Displays the client whose data was included in the operation.


The subclient included in this operation.

Backup Type

The backup type, for example, full.

Size of Application

The amount of data that the job is processing or processed.

Start Time

The time that the job started.

End Time

The time that the job ended.

Last Update Time

The latest time that the job information was updated.

Elapsed Time

The total time that the job ran.

Pending Reason

The job pending reason. If the job failed, a code is displayed.


The percent complete.

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