Agents That Support the Blackout Window

This feature is supported by all agents except ContinuousDataReplicator. Blackout Window operation rules can be created at the following levels in the CommCell Browser:

  • CommServe
  • Client Computer Group
  • Client
  • Agent
  • Instance
  • Backup Set/Archive Set
  • Subclient
  • MediaAgent
  • Schedule Policy

For more information, see Setting Operation Rules in a Blackout Window.

The following table lists the operations supported at each level:


CommServe Level

Client Computer Group Level

Client Level

Agent Level

Backup Set Level

Subclient Level

MediaAgent Level

Schedule Policy Level

Full Data Management (full backups)


Non Full Data Management (non full backups)


Transaction log backup


Backup Copy


Data Recovery




Data Pruning







Data Analytics




Synthetic Full








Auxiliary Copy





Disaster Recovery Backup








Data Verification








Erase Spare Media








Delete Data By Browsing




Delete Archived Data


Offline Content Indexing




Information Management


Media Refreshing








Cleanup Operation








For example, the Full Data Management operation will not allow full backup jobs to run during the specified blackout window. The Non Full Data Management operation will do the same for non full backup jobs, for example, differential backups.

* The blackout window for auxiliary copy can be enabled on the MediaAgent or the client level and it is honored when the Performing an Auxiliary Copy Operation option is enabled. However, the blackout window might not be honored and the auxiliary copy operation might still run, if the CommCell Console from where the blackout window is enabled on the MediaAgent and the CommServe are in different time zones.

Last modified: 2/10/2020 4:24:49 PM