FAQ: What are the different Commvault  components that are included in various install packages?

The following table describes the features that are included in different installation packages.

Component/Agent type

License Consumption

Features/Agents included


No license is consumed.

All of the core CommServe components that can perform basic operations, for example, schedules, alerts, and reports.

Operations Manager

No license is consumed.

  • VM Life Cycle Management
  • Virtualize Me
  • External Data Connector
  • Global Repository Cell
  • CommCell Migration


MediaAgent license is consumed.

Includes the File System agent without advanced functionality. It can only function with  'Restore only' client capability.

File System Agent

The File System agent is the combination of the File System Core and File System components.

Licenses are consumed by the File System Core component as follows:

  • If installed on a server computer, the 'Server File System' license is consumed. If installed on a laptop/desktop computer, the 'Laptop and Desktop" license is consumed.
  • The licenses are consumed when you explicitly select the agent during installation. If automatically selected, the agent is installed without consuming the license.

File System Core:

  • Base component which establishes the connections between the client and the CommServe database.
  • Provides the capability to perform laptop backups and restores.
  • Provides recursive scan functionality (for UNIX).

    File System:

  • Provides all backup and restore capabilities. For example:
    • IntelliSnap backups
    • Office Communication Server backups
    • Optimized Scan (for UNIX)
  • Provides the required data to generate Discovery and File Level Analytics reports.
  • Required for 1-Touch and OnePass archiving operations.

Database Agents

License is consumed for the respective database agent.

Provides the capability to perform backup and recovery operations of the database objects.

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