Application Class Virtual in the Usage Calculation

The Application Class Virtual license usage is calculated based on the number of backup jobs that run in the CommCell environment.

Included Data

The usage calculation includes the following data:

  • Traditional backups and application-aware backups that run on VMs protected or discovered by the Virtual Server Agent.
  • Traditional backups are counted for the following application agent types:
    • Active Directory Agent
    • Exchange Database Agent
    • Microsoft SQL Server Agent
    • MySQL Agent
    • Oracle Agent
    • PostgreSQL Agent
    • SharePoint Agent
  • Application-aware backups (both traditional backups and IntelliSnap backups that you perform using virtual server snap engines) are counted for specific agent types. For a list of the agent types that application-aware backups are counted for, see Application Aware Backups - Application Support for Hypervisors.
  • Backup jobs are not counted against other license types.

Note: If you configure any subclient in a virtual machine for backups that are not considered by the Application Class Virtual license, such as IntelliSnap backups, then all backup jobs in the virtual machine will be counted against other license types. These other license types take precedence over the Application Class Virtual license.

Usage Increase

License usage can increase because of any of the following actions:

  • Running traditional backups for any of the supported application agents.
  • Adding new virtual machines to the subclient content.
  • Enabling backup activity on the subclient with virtual machines as content.

Usage Decrease

License usage can decrease by uninstalling or deconfiguring any of the supported application agents from the virtual machine.

Note: Deconfiguring an agent is also known as releasing the license from the agent.

Excluded Data

The following types of data are excluded from the usage calculation:

  • Applications installed on physical computers.
  • IntelliSnap backups that you perform using hardware-based snapshot engines, such as NetApp, Dell, and EMC.

    Only IntelliSnap backup operations that you perform using virtual server snap engines are included in the usage calculation for this license.

  • Virtual machines that are not backed up by the Virtual Server Agent.
  • Backups of Exchange databases in a Database Availability Group (DAG) environment.

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