Viewing the Current Usage for All Evaluation Licenses

Important: You should view capacity and usage data in the License Summary Report on the Command Center or the Web Console, instead of the Capacity and Usage charts that are visible in the CommCell Console Licensing and Registration dialog box. For details, see Data Views for the License Summary Report.

You can use the License Summary Report in the CommCell Console to review the evaluation licenses used in the CommCell.

You can configure the report to display the total number of evaluation licenses for each license type and how many evaluation licenses have been used.


  1. From the CommCell Console ribbon, click the Reports tab and then click Other Reports > License Summary.
  2. In the General tab of the Report Selection dialog box, click the Include Agent License Details and the Include Evaluation License Count check boxes.
  3. Click the Output tab and select the output format option for the report.
  4. Click Run to generate the report.

    In the License Summary Report, locate the License Usage table, and review the Evaluation Available and Evaluation Used columns for each license type.

Last modified: 8/18/2020 6:31:41 PM