Converting an Evaluation License to a Permanent License for a Specific Client

You can activate permanent licenses for one or more clients in the CommCell Console.

Some clients in your CommCell environment might use an evaluation license of the software. You can determine which clients can switch to a permanent license based on the number of available permanent licenses that are displayed in the Licensing and Registration dialog box.


  1. From the CommCell Console ribbon, on the Home tab, click Licensing and Registration.
  2. The Licensing and Registration dialog box appears.

    The Licensing and Registration dialog box appears.

  3. On the Apply License tab, and the bottom of the window, click Convert.

    The Activate License dialog box appears.

  4. Under Convert, beside the license types you want to activate, click the check box.
  5. Click OK.

    Tip: If you converted a feature-based license, you must log out, and then log on to the CommCell Console to use the feature.

Last modified: 5/5/2021 3:07:33 PM