• When specifying Network TCP port numbers, it is essential to choose Network TCP ports that are unassigned and unused. The software requires the ability to open the same ports across when the operating system or applications are restarted, and these ports must not be in use by other resources. All effort should be made to ensure that no other resource expects the specified ports to be open, as a port conflict will cause an application failure.
  • When specifying a Network TCP Port Number other than 8400 for a MediaAgent's Communications Service (GxCVD), which may be necessary when more than one instance of the MediaAgent is installed on a computer, bear in mind that clients with an earlier release may not be able to communicate through that port. Therefore, when specifying a non-default port number in such cases, you should ensure that all clients using the MediaAgent support the Multi Instancing feature, and non-default network TCP port numbers.

If you need to change the network port numbers of a client or MediaAgent, see Changing Network Ports.

Last modified: 5/2/2019 2:28:33 PM