Dedicated Backup Network

A dedicated backup network improves performance by routing high-volume backup traffic through a network interface that is different than the default interface (that is, the one specified during installation). You can configure a dedicated backup network by setting up a data interface pair (DIP), also called a network pair.

You can set up a DIP between two clients, between two client groups, or between a client group and a client.

A DIP requires that both host computers in the pair have a network interface name that was not used during the software installation process. A host computer can have multiple network interfaces when it has multiple network interface cards (NIC) installed. If you have more than one client with multiple interfaces, you can create DIPs using the CommCell Console (either from Control Panel or from the client Properties).

Note: For more information about network interface names and NICs, see Dedicated Backup Network: Frequently Asked Questions.

Last modified: 12/9/2019 9:13:59 PM