Checking Network Connectivity Using the Network Test Tool

The Network Test Tool is a TCP/IP-based tool for verifying network connectivity between clients in your CommCell environment, such as the CommServe, MediaAgents, and other client computers. The tool provides a single interface to all basic network tests for troubleshooting network connectivity and data transmission issues.

Note: You must run the network test tool in Server mode on one host and in Client mode on the other host.

The tool is available on any computer where you have the Commvault software installed, except for laptop backup clients.

You can run the tool as a graphical user interface or by using command line options. On UNIX, Linux, and Macintosh clients, the graphical user interface is provided as a menu-driven interface in the command line.

Operations using the graphical user interface:

Operations using command line options:

Last modified: 6/26/2020 7:56:27 PM