Alerts and Events

Commvault software notifies the CommCell Console administrator immediately by sending an Alert and displaying an Event Message as follows:

  • The following event message is displayed if the Commvault software detects file anomalies on your computer:

    Detected file activity anomaly of type [Anomaly_Type ] in last 5 minutes. Number of files Modified [X] Deleted [X] Renamed [X] and Created [X]. Please verify the data on the machine.


    • Anomaly_Type is the type of anomaly which can either be one of the following operations or a combination of them.
      • Created
      • Modified
      • Renamed
      • Deleted
    • X is the count of File IOs for a specific operation type.
  • A File Activity Anomaly Alert notification is sent to all the users included in the Master CommCell User Group.

    See Alerts and Notifications - Predefined Alerts for more information.

    Note: You can view the File Activity Anomaly report that help you track large file anomalies for all clients in the CommCell Console. For more information, see File Activity Anomaly Report Overview.

    See the sample workflow as illustrated in the figure that shows how data aging is automatically enabled on the client computer and an email is sent to the user.

Last modified: 11/26/2019 5:10:41 PM