Adding a Domain Controller for Domino Directory Services

To use the End-User Search feature for Domino Mailbox Archiver, you must register an external Domino Directory Domain with the CommServe. For information on the End-User Search feature, see Configuration - End-User Search.


  • Each domain controller must have a unique name. You cannot register duplicate domain controllers with the CommServe.
  • After you register the Domain Controller, restart the IIS services on the Web Server to enable logging to the Web Console using the new domain.


  1. In HCL Domino, do the following:
    • Enable web access on the Domino document by setting TCP/IP Port Status to Enabled.
    • Create an internet password for the Domino user in the Enter HTTP Password dialog box.
    • Ensure that LDAP is configured on the Domino server.

      To verify whether the external domain client has been configured for LDAP, see Verify LDAP configuration on External Domain.

  2. From the CommCell Browser, go to the Security node.
  3. Right-click Domains and click Add new domain > Domino Directory Service.

    The Add New Domain Controller dialog box is displayed.

  4. Enter the details for the Domino Server.

    For information on each option, see the online help for Add New Domain Controller.

  5. Click Edit to enter the user account information for the external domain:
    1. Type the user name in the User Name box.
    2. Type the password for the user account in the Password box.
    3. Re-type the password in the Confirm Password box.
    4. Click OK.
  6. Click OK.
  7. After the domain controller is registered, restart the IIS services on the Web Server computer.

Last modified: 6/16/2020 12:21:38 PM