Enabling Privacy at the CommCell Level Using the Command Line Interface

The Prevent admin access to user data check box can be set from the command line. For more information on the Privacy feature, see Privacy.

Caution: If the Prevent admin access to user data check box is cleared, locked clients remain locked but no new clients can be locked. Setting the preventAdminAccessToUserData parameter to false will not unlock previously locked clients.


  1. Run the qlogin command to log on to the CommServe computer.
  2. Download the set_prevent_admin_access.xml file to the computer where you will run the command.
  3. On the command line, go to software_installation_directory/Base and type the command.

    qoperation execute -af set_prevent_admin_access.xml

  4. Run the qlogout command to log off the CommServe computer.

Last modified: 8/17/2018 6:49:44 PM