CommCell Scalability Guide

Table of Contents

Planning CommCell Deployment

Scalability Factors

Improving the Scalability of a CommCell Environment

Reducing the Number of Backup Jobs in Waiting

Certain guidelines associated with the design, deployment, and support of large CommCell® environments must be followed.

Benefits of Multiple CommCells

The following list outlines the benefits gained by deploying Commvault® software across multiple CommCell groups in an extra large environment:

  • General IT Maintenance

    Allows for partial downtime of backup operations. For example, when a CommServe group is taken offline for software updates/upgrades or hardware upgrades and maintenance, the other CommCell groups will continue to function without impact on data movement operations.

  • Reduce Risk Associated with Unreliable IP Networks

    The strategic placement of CommServe within the shortest network distance to the servers it protect, dramatically reduces issues associated with slow or unreliable network connectivity between LAN clients and the CommServe.

  • Improved CommCell® Group Activity Monitoring and Performance

    By balancing data protection activity load across multiple CommServes, a smoother operation of the CommCell group is allowed, with better response time in each individual CommCell console GUI.

  • Load Balancing on Resources

    As the data protection infrastructure evolves, Commvault® provides an easy-to-use method for maintaining the balance of resources across CommCell groups via CommCell Migration.

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