Configuring a Disk Library as a Storage Target

You can configure a disk library as a storage target. You must assign a mount path to a disk library. A mount path can be:

  • A local disk drive associated with the MediaAgent
  • A disk drive that is on networked-attached-storage (NAS) associated with the MediaAgent


  1. From the navigation pan, click Storage targets.

    The Storage targets page appears.

  2. Click Add storage in the upper right of the page, and then select Disk.
  3. In the Add disk storage dialog box, enter the disk library details:
    1. In the Name box, type the name of the library.
    2. From the MediaAgent list, select the MediaAgent that will write the data to the disk.
  4. To use a local disk as the mount path, click Local path and in the Path box, type the full path name to the storage location.
  5. To use a network drive as the mount path, provide the following information:
    1. Click Network path.
    2. From the Credential list, select the credential that you want to use to access the network drive.

      For instructions to create a new credential to access a network drive, see Creating a Credential to Access a Network Drive.

    3. In the Path box, type the full path name to the storage location.
  6. Click Create.


The disk library is available. You can associate the disk library with a plan.

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