Performing Salesforce Backups

You can perform a full backup or an incremental backup of the Salesforce data. The backups automatically include the Salesforce metadata.

You can back up the following data:

  • Standard objects
  • Custom objects
  • Documents
  • Attachments
  • Salesforce CRM content
  • Salesforce files

For information on objects that the backup does not include, see the following pages:

Before You Begin

Verify that the Salesforce user who performs the backup operations has the required permissions. For a list of the required permissions, see Salesforce User Permissions.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Applications > Cloud apps > Salesforce.

    The Apps page appears.

  2. In the Backup column, click Backup.

    The Backup dialog box appears.

  3. Expand the data, and then select the subclient to back up.
  4. Click Select.

    The Select backup level dialog box appears.

  5. Select the backup level:
    • To perform a full backup, select Full.
    • To perform an incremental backup, select Incremental.
  6. To receive an email message when the backup operation is complete, select the When the job completes, notify me via email check box.
  7. Click OK.


When the backup is complete, the job status is Completed.

To avoid exceeding the Salesforce API size limit, a backup job runs until the number of files backed up reaches over 50 percent of the total API calls allowed for the day. Then, the backup job is suspended, but is automatically resumed the next day. This behavior continues until all of the files in the job are backed up.

Minor events are set in the following cases:

  • An object fails because of a Salesforce API restriction.
  • The file does not download because the file does not exist at the time of the download.
  • The file is partially downloaded due to the Salesforce API size limit or due to file corruption, and so on.

What to Do Next

You can control or view the job. For more information, see Jobs.

Last modified: 10/16/2019 9:16:45 PM