Accessing the Download Center

The Download Center is an interface for organizing digital resources, or packages, in your enterprise and making them available for end-users to download from the Web Console.

Before You Begin

Verify that your end users and administrators have the correct security associations. The following table contains the CommCell permissions required to perform operations in Download Center:


Permitted Operations

Required Permissions


  • View the Download Center application in the Web Console
  • View packages
  • Download packages

There are no additional permissions required for end users to access the Download Center.

End users must be able to log on to the Web Console and the administrator must give them access to a package.

To allow access for Tenant users, set the navigation preferences from the Command Center. For more information, see Setting Navigation Preferences.


  • View the Download Center application in the Web Console
  • View packages
  • Download packages
  • Upload and manage packages
  • Edit package information
  • Manage download repositories

CommCell > Download Center Management

Associate the role containing this permission to the web server. For information on creating roles, see Managing Roles. For information on creating security associations, see Administrating the Security Associations of a Server.


  1. Open your web browser and type the Web Console URL provided by the administrator in the address bar.

    The URL should be in the following format: http://<HostName>:<Port>/webconsole, for example: http://client.mydomain.com/webconsole.

  2. From the My Applications page, click Download Center.

    When you open Download Center for the first time, a welcome page appears.

  3. Complete the steps on the Download Center welcome page.

    See Adding a Repository and Adding a Package.


After completing the steps on the Download Center welcome page, a list of available packages appears when you open Download Center.

Last modified: 1/2/2020 9:55:13 PM