Managing Client Endpoints for Clinical Image Archiving

You can add clients used as endpoints for your medical system software to the Clinical Image Archiving section in the Command Center.

Before You Begin


  1. You can add or edit clients from the Connections page.
    • To add a client, from the navigation panel, click Solutions > Healthcare > Connections, and then click Add Connection.
    • To edit a client, from the navigation pane, click Solutions > Healthcare > Connections. Then, in the Actions column for the client, click the action button action_button, and then click Edit.

    The Add connection dialog box appears.

  2. Enter the connection details:
    • AE Title: A name for the client endpoint.
    • Host name: The IP address of the client endpoint.
    • Port: The DICOM port number on the client endpoint.
  3. Click Save.

    The new client appears on the Connections page.

What to Do Next

Log in to each client endpoint computer that you added in the Modalities table and configure the Commvault Clinical Image Archiving connection information on the medical system software. For more information, see the software documentation for your medical system vendor.

You can perform any of the following additional tasks on the connections by clicking the action button action_button, and then selecting one of the options in the table.




Test the connection

{Enable, Disable} PPS

Switch the Performed Procedure Step (PPS) to on or off.


Change the client configuration.


Remove the client.

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