Disaster Recovery and Failover Groups

Failover groups provide access to disaster recovery (DR) operations for a group of virtual machines (VMs), based on replication to a DR site (also called destination site or secondary site).

Failover groups apply for destination sites using Amazon, Azure, Hyper-V, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, or VMware hypervisors.

You can use failover operations for the following scenarios:

  • Failback: Switch back to the primary site after a failover.


    • For replicated VMs using source snapshots, failback operations are supported only when replication is configured in the Command Center.
    • For Oracle Cloud Infrastructure destination sites, use Undo failover instead of Failback.
  • Planned failover: Switch to a DR site for maintenance of the primary site.
  • Point-in-time failover: (only for VMware destination sites) Select a point-in-time recovery point to use for a failover operation.

    Perform this operation from the Replication Monitor.

  • Reverse replication: (only for VMware destination sites) Replicate updates from a VM running on a secondary site to the primary site.

    Perform this operation from the Replication Monitor.

  • Test boot: (only for Hyper-V and VMware destination sites) Validate replicated VMs.
  • Test failover: (only for VMware destination sites) Validate a group of VMs.
  • Undo failover: (only for Hyper-V, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and VMware destination sites) Discard changes from the secondary site and make the original source VM active.

    Perform this operation from the Replication Monitor.

    To perform this operation for an array replication failover group, see Undoing a Failover.

  • Undo test failover: (only for VMware destination sites created using array replication test failover groups) Discard changes from the secondary site.
  • Unplanned failover: Make the DR site active in an emergency. After a failover, you can perform a failback operation to return operations to the primary site.

Note: For VMware destination sites: To perform failover, test boot, and failback operations for VMware destination sites, VMware tools must be installed on the source VMs before replicating the VMs.

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