System State Components for the Windows File System

The types of restores that you can perform for system state data depends on whether the data is a component or a service.

Data category


Types of restores that you can perform


  • System file protection catalog and files
  • Performance monitor configuration files
  • Active Directory
  • Quotas
  • SYSVOL (if this is a domain controller)
  • Certificate Services database (if this is a certificate server)
  • Cluster database (if this server is part of a cluster)
  • Registry
  • COM+ database
  • File Server Resource Manager (FSRM)
  • If you are restoring all the components, you can perform an in-place restore or an out-of-place restore.
  • If you are restoring individual components, you can perform only an out-of-place restore.


  • DHCP
  • WINS
  • Event logs
  • Disk quota information
  • RSM database
  • WMI database
  • Terminal Server Licensing database
  • Content indexing catalogs
  • You can restore all services (except the Content Indexing catalogs) together or individually to an in-place, or an out-of-place destination.
  • Content Indexing Catalog service will be included when you restore the entire system state but cannot be restored individually.

Last modified: 9/17/2020 2:14:37 PM