Oracle Backups

You can back up online or offline Oracle databases, log files, or Oracle datafiles and tablespaces. If the database must be accessible and you have a small backup window, run a series of online backups for different database portions.

You can run backups immediately or configure a schedule for the subclient.

Full Backups

Oracle full backups include the entire database and the control file. A full backup is the most comprehensive backup and is the baseline for incremental backups. Full backups of online databases include the log files. An offline full backup is a cold backup for Oracle databases.

Incremental Backups

An Oracle incremental backup contains the changed data from the last full backup. Incremental backups use less media and resources than full backups.

In a cumulative level n backup, only the data that differs from the most recent backup at level n-1 or lower, is backed up.

What is Backed Up

  • Oracle database files that include the datafiles and control files
  • Archived redo logs
  • Parameter files (SP File)
  • Oracle Managed Files

What Is Not Backed Up

Oracle application files that are associated with the Oracle installation.

External files, for example, Oracle Wallet, and external tables.

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