Oracle Restores

A database restore might be necessary when the data area or the log area is damaged, to recover from a logical error, or to copy the database.

Perform a restore operation immediately after your first full backup to understand the process.

Oracle restores consist of the following main categories:

  • Full database restore: This is an in-place or out-of-place restore of all database files, the control file, and the server parameter file.
  • Database subset: This is a combination of a restore of any of the following files:
    • Archive logs
    • Oracle control file
    • In-place restore of individual datafiles and tablespaces
    • Database archived redo logs
  • Database clones: Create a clone so that you can:
    • Duplicate large databases in a short amount of time
    • Create test environments
    • Retrieve data quickly without intensive resource use on the production environment
    • Alleviate the load on production servers

Last modified: 1/29/2020 8:52:05 PM