Using Iometer to Test Index Cache Directory Performance (Indexing Version 1 and Indexing Version 2)


You can use Iometer to measure the Input-Output operations Per Second (IOPS) performance of a volume you are considering for index cache storage. You can run Iometer on Windows or Linux computers.

Note: Iometer is a widely used, industry-standard tool for measuring IOPS. See the Iometer website for complete Iometer reference information.

The minimum IOPS required for index directory performance for extra large, large, and medium MediaAgents is as follows:


Extra Large



Index Cache Disk

2 TB SSD class disk with 5K+ dedicated random IOPS

1 TB SSD class disk with 5K+ dedicated random IOPS

1 TB local disk space with 400+ random IOPS

Note: The index cache directory should be hosted on its own volume, and that volume must be on a local drive within the MediaAgent. The index cache should meet the IOPS requirements described in Index Sizing.

Last modified: 5/24/2019 1:56:33 PM