Oracle Storage Overview

Oracle Storage Cloud Service is an open-source object storage system.

Oracle Storage Cloud Service stores data as objects within a flat hierarchy of containers. Object storage is simple to use, performs well, and scales to a virtually unlimited capacity.

You can back up the data stored in Oracle Storage Cloud Service using the Commvault Software.

Key Features

Restore to a Local File System

Free up space on the storage service by restoring the backed-up Oracle Storage data to an inexpensive local storage.

Distributed Restores to the Cloud

Distributed restores to the cloud by using multiple streams for optimal load sharing.


The Oracle Storage documentation uses the following terminology:

Virtual client

The interface that protects your Oracle Storage data.


The entity that represents your data in an Oracle Storage account.


The logical entity that defines the Oracle Storage data to be backed up.


Represents a unit of storage in Oracle Storage. Objects must be created within a container. You can upload a single object or upload multiple objects to a container.


Represents a collection of Oracle Storage objects. A container is a storage compartment that provides a way to organize the data stored in Oracle Cloud Storage Service.

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