Expert Storage Configuration - Getting Started

Use the following steps to display the Expert Storage Configuration dialog box.

  1. Log on to CommCell Console.
  2. On the ribbon in the CommCell Console, click the Storage tab, and then click Expert Storage Configuration.
  3. Under Available MediaAgents, select the MediaAgents that are attached to the library and on which the library needs to be configured and then click Add >>.

    Click OK.


    • To configure any shared library, make sure that you select all of the MediaAgents that share the library.
    • If a device has already been configured for the MediaAgent, the device appears in the Expert Storage Configuration dialog box.
    • For cluster, select the cluster server as the MediaAgent.
  4. If a library is not configured, a message appears that asks you to configure the library. Click OK.

    If a library is already configured, this message does not appear. Subsequently, the detected devices are displayed with the detection status detect success in the Expert Storage Configuration dialog box.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 8:58:19 PM