Getting Started with Sensitive Data Analysis

To get started with Activate for Sensitive Data Analysis, install the software and then complete the Sensitive Data Analysis setup wizard.

Before You Begin

Step 1: Deploy Index Server, Content Analyzer Cloud, and Web Server

Deploy the Index Server, Content Analyzer Cloud, and Web Server. These entities perform the content indexing and personal data analysis operations required for Activate.

Step 2: (Conditional) Setup a Network Connection for File System Data Sources

If you plan to use Activate to analyze clients that have file system data that is live, then you must setup a one-way network connection to allow Activate components to establish connections to these clients. For more information, see Setting Up a Network Connection for Activate and File System Clients.

Step 3: (Conditional) Add Domains to Command Center

If you plan to use Sensitive Data Analysis to analyze clients that have file system data, add domains as potential sources of data for Sensitive Data Analysis. For more information, see Adding Domains for Activate.

Step 4: Complete the Sensitive Data Analysis Wizard

Perform initial configurations to set up Sensitive Data Analysis by completing the Sensitive Data Analysis Setup.

During the setup, you will create a data classification plan and create an inventory for Sensitive Data Analysis.

What to Do Next

After you finish setting up Sensitive Data Analysis, you can monitor assets in your enterprise for personal data and begin processing subject access requests.

Last modified: 11/22/2019 10:33:31 PM