Getting Started with Sensitive Data Governance

To get started with Activate for Sensitive Data Governance, install the software and then complete the Sensitive Data Governance setup wizard.

Before You Begin

Review the system and hardware requirements for Sensitive Data Governance.

Step 1: Obtain Your User Credentials to Access the Command Center

Obtain the following information from your administrator:

  • The Command Center URL
  • Your Command Center user credentials

If the Command Center is not set up in your CommCell environment, contact your administrator to deploy the Command Center. For more information, see Quick Start Guide.

Step 2: Log On to the Command Center

Accessing the Command Center by using the URL and user account credentials that you obtained from the administrator.

Step 3: Install Index Store, Content Analyzer, and Web Server Packages

Install the Index Store package, the Content Analyzer package, and the Web Server package. These entities perform the content indexing and personal data analysis operations required for Activate. After the packages are installed on a server, you will use the server to create an Index Server in the Sensitive Data Governance wizard.

Step 4: (Conditional) Add Domains to Command Center

If you plan to use Sensitive Data Governance to analyze servers that have file system data, add domains as potential sources of data for Sensitive Data Governance. For more information, see Adding Domains for Activate.

Step 5: Complete the Sensitive Data Governance Wizard

In the Sensitive Data Governance wizard, you will create a data classification plan and inventory. In the data classification plan, you will create an Index Server by using the server where you installed the Index Store, the Content Analyzer, and the Web Server packages.

For more information, see Completing the Setup Wizard for Sensitive Data Governance.

Step 6: Assign Permissions

Set permissions for users so that they can access Sensitive Data Governance:

To set permissions for a user, create an association between the Data Controller security role, the CommCell computer, and the infrastructure administrator and the data controller users. For more information, see Permissions for Activate.

What to Do Next

After you finish setting up Sensitive Data Governance, you can monitor assets in your enterprise for personal data and begin processing subject access requests.

Last modified: 7/27/2020 8:54:41 PM