HyperScale Reference Architecture

The purpose of a Reference Architecture is to provide guidance for future implementations. It presents a technical architecture to solve a business requirement, with a clear understanding of the customer context. Commvault’s HyperScale reference architecture allows flexibility around node selection, and also mitigates risks by providing configuration guidance. Unlike a purpose built appliance (PBBA), Reference Architecture allows for the use of widely available servers on standard OS platforms. In addition, the Reference Architecture model, does not enforce strict adherence to specific versions of firmware/software while providing necessary guidance at the same time. Thus, the approach mitigates customer risks while preserving essential flexibilities, which result in lower cost and a better experience for customers over the long term. By specifying a base configuration for a set workload - data protection - Commvault presents a scale-out platform which can scale almost linearly on performance with capacity. Validation of platforms from partners such as Cisco, HPE, Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo and SuperMicro allows for quick and easy instantiation of the reference architecture without risk for the customer.

Recommended node configuration for each HyperScale node is as follows:





20 Cores @ minimum 2.0GHz

(e.g. 2x Intel E5-2620 v4)

MediaAgent, Cloud Connector, Orchestration, IntelliSnap,  Advanced Reporting, Replication / Disaster Recovery



(e.g. 8 * 32GB RDIMM)




(e.g. 480GB SATA SSD)

OS and Commvault HyperScale software

SSD Cache

4TB Flash/NVMe/SSD

(e.g. 2x2TB Flash PCIe, 4x1.6TB SSD)

Index Cache and deduplication database (DDB)

Virtual Repository

6/12/24 LFF NL-SAS (4TB, 6TB, 8TB, 10TB or 12TB HDD's )

(e.g. 12x6TB, 24x10TB, 12x8TB)

Capacity layer for data storage

Storage Controller

SAS HBA (no RAID card) [or] RAID Controller

JBOD/pass-through for capacity layer

Optional: RAID for root (mirrored) and/or cache


2x 10Gbps / 4x 10Gbps

Data Protection and Storage Pool VLAN's

Optional: Network bonding for resiliency/bandwidth

Support for HyperScale Reference Architectures will be through Commvault for the entire software stack. This includes the Operating System (OS), Scale-out file system and Data Management layers. The customer is expected to continue using their existing contract for support and maintenance of the hardware with the hardware vendor.

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