Network Storage Pool

Network Storage Pool is a global storage policy that provides a scalable and easy to configure storage solution. The storage pool offers easy storage management. Multiple cross platform MediaAgents can access a shared storage pool.

You can scale out the storage capacity on demand by simply adding more mount paths. When you add a mount path to a storage pool and associate it with a MediaAgent during creation, the new mount path is automatically shared with the existing MediaAgents in the storage pool and the existing mount paths are automatically shared with the new MediaAgent. The added MediaAgents or the mount paths are automatically shared using the DataServer-IP. The configuration process is managed behind-the-scene and does not require user intervention. For more information, see Sharing a Mount Path Using DataServer-IP.

You can enable deduplication for a storage pool. You can associate storage policies and copies with the storage pool.

A Storage Pools node is available in the CommCell Console wherein a single wizard lets you create a disk or cloud library, configure storage policies, shares the MediaAgents and create the mount paths.  Depending on your storage choice, after the configuration, the following entities are created:

  • Disk Storage Pool

    A Global Deduplication policy

    The associated disk library

  • Cloud Storage Pool

    A Global Deduplication policy

    The associated cloud library

  • Tape Storage Pool

    A Global Secondary Copy Policy

Important: If you have the latest feature release installed in your CommCell environment, then by default all the Global Deduplication Policies or the Global Secondary Copy Policies will appear as Storage Pools under the Storage Pools node. For more information, see Global Deduplication and Share Tape Among Backup Copies.

Last modified: 5/24/2021 10:03:13 PM