Adding Additional Storage to a Cloud Network Storage Pool

Use the following section to add additional storage to a Cloud Network Storage Pool. After the storage is added, MediaAgent that is used during the storage creation is automatically shared between all the MediaAgents across all the mount paths available in the library.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand to Storage Resources > Storage Pools.
  2. Select and right-click the appropriate StoragePool, and then click Add > Add Storage.
  3. In the Add Mount Path dialog box, enter the following information:
    1. In the Name box, specify name of the cloud storage library.
    2. In the Type list, select the type of cloud storage server.
    3. In the MediaAgent list, select the MediaAgent to be used.
    4. Type the credentials to access the Cloud Storage library in Access information section.


      Access information consists of the credentials to access the cloud storage. Acquire the access credentials from your cloud storage vendor and provide the required information.

      The access information for cloud storage devices varies for each server type, and Add Cloud Storage dialog box might be different from the one displayed here. See Add / Edit Cloud Storage (General) for a list of server types and their access information.

      The Access Information details must not contain blank spaces or other special characters.

      For other vendors that support with Amazon S3, you must select Amazon S3 as a Server Type and provide information of those vendors under Access Information. For a list of vendors supporting Amazon S3, see Amazon S3 Vendors.

      If you already have a cloud library configured, then during another cloud library creation, if you select same Cloud Storage Server in the Type list and provide same credential in the Access Information, then the existing cloud device is associated with this new cloud library.

      In addition, if a different MediaAgent is selected in the Gateway list during creation of cloud library, then this MediaAgent is added as a new controller for the existing device.

  4. Click OK.


After adding the storage, the mount path is added under the library node and MediaAgent that is used during the storage creation is automatically shared with all the other MediaAgents.

Last modified: 12/26/2019 9:52:20 PM