Server Retirement Workflow

The Server Retirement workflow retires clients from your CommCell environment and sends email notifications to users. You can choose the approval option if retiring clients requires user approval.

Note: Retiring MediaAgents is not supported using this workflow. To retire a MediaAgent, see Releasing a License (Deconfiguring).

Download this workflow from the Commvault Store. See Download Workflows from Commvault Store. This workflow can be run from the CommCell Console or using Forms on the Web Console.

How Does It Work?

This predefined workflow automates the following operations:

  • Optional: Sends an email request asking for approval to retire the client. If the request is granted, the workflow proceeds. If the request is denied, the workflow stops and the users selected in the Select users to notify input receive an email.
  • Disables all activity on the client
  • Updates audit notes
  • Sets the job retention
  • Releases the client license


  1. From the CommCell Browser, go to Workflows.
  2. Right-click Server Retirement and then click All Tasks > Execute.

    The Server Retirement dialog box is displayed.

  3. On the Inputs tab, from the Run workflow on list, select the workflow engine.
  4. Enter a value for the following inputs:



    Select client to retire

    The client to retire.

    Retain job results for (number of days)

    Enter the number of days to retain the backup job results for this client.

    Select users to notify

    Select the users who will receive email notification after the client is retired. If the Select users who can approve the request input is used, the Select users to notify users also receive an email that reports whether the request to retire a client was approved or denied.


    Enter information such as why the client was retired. This is the audit note.

    Optional: Select users who can approve the request

    Select the users who must approve the retirement of a client. These users receive an email that includes the name of the user running the workflow and the name of the client. The email includes links to approve or deny the request. The users selected in the Select users to notify input receive an email that reports whether the request was approved or denied.

  5. Click OK.
  6. To verify whether the client was successfully retired or not, review the email you receive.

Last modified: 7/3/2019 5:05:10 PM