Configuring the Kaminario Storage Array on the Array Software

For the Commvault software to work with the Kaminario storage array, make sure that the following configurations are met.

  • The Commvault software creates a retention policy in the Kaminario storage array, named as CV__CommvaultIntelliSnap, and then sets this retention policy to retain snapshots as long as possible. Do not change this retention policy.
  • With the Kaminario storage system, you can create volume groups, which are user-defined collections of individual volumes. The advantage of volume groups is that you can create snapshots and snapshot views of all the volumes in the group at one time.
  • When you create volume groups, create a volume group for each application. Otherwise, if you have volume groups that are used by multiple applications and those applications are protected by multiple subclients, then you might experience the following problems:
    • Because multiple snapshots are taken for volume groups, a volume group can quickly reach its limit of 32 snapshots and views. When that limit is reached, no more snapshots or views can be created. Views are used during mounting of the snapshot, and if no views can be created then restore operations and backup copy operations fail.
    • If you revert data for a volume group because of a problem with one application, then the data is reverted for all applications.
    • If the subclient does not contain all volumes from the Kaminario volume group, then the devices might be left stale on the host.

Last modified: 10/21/2020 10:53:41 PM