Grouping Entities in Folders

Applies To: Client Computer Groups and Workflows

You can create folders to organize entities. The entities are added to the folders manually or automatically using predefined rules. Each entity can be added to multiple folders.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, right-click the entity:
    • To create a folder for client computer groups, right-click Client Computer Groups, and then click Create Folder.
    • To create a folder for workflows, right-click Workflows, and then click All Tasks > Create Folder.

    The Create Folder dialog box appears.

  2. On the General tab, in the Folder Name box, type a name for the folder, and in the Description box, type a brief description.
  3. Choose how to add entities to the folder:

    Manual Association

    1. To manually add entities, click Manual Association.
    2. In the All Entities list, press the Ctrl key and select the entities to add to the folder.
    3. Click Include > to move the selected entities to the Entities in This Folder list.

    Automatic Association

    1. To automatically add entities based on rules, click Automatic Association.
    2. Under Rule Group, choose an option, an operator, and enter a value.

      For example, to create a rule that adds entities to the folder based on the entity name, add the following rule: Name, contains, agents. Entities where the name contains the word "agents" will be automatically added to the folder.

      For information about other options, see Folder - Online Help. For information about wildcards supported for user-defined values, see Wildcards Supported in Folder Rules.

    3. To view the entities that will be added to the folder based on your rule, click Preview.
  4. Click OK.


You can view your folder under the appropriate node in the CommCell Browser.

Client Computer Groups: Client computer groups that are added to user-defined folders do not appear individually under the Client Computer Groups node. To see all of the client computer groups under the node, double-click the system-generated All Groups folder.

Workflows: Workflows that are added to user-defined folders continue to appear individually under the Workflows node.

Last modified: 5/9/2018 1:32:24 PM