Enabling Privacy for Oracle Clients

Use the Privacy feature to prevent users and administrators who are not client owners from seeing the data on the client.

The client privacy feature has the following behavior"

  • Only a client owner may lock and unlock the client.
  • Only a client owner may access data protected on the client, for example, perform Browse and Restore, Find, and Reference Copy operations.
  • Only a client owner may add or remove other client owners.
  • Only a client owner may change his or her own user properties.
  • Locked clients have a padlock icon displayed in the CommCell Console.

Before You Begin

Enable privacy at CommCell Console level and at the client level. For more information, see Privacy for Owners.


  1. Create a CommCell Console user and grant all permissions to that user for the client where you want to use privacy. For more information, see Privacy - Enabling Privacy at the CommCell Level.
  2. Log on to the CommCell Console with the new user and enable privacy for that client . For more information, see Privacy - Using Privacy on Clients


When you enable privacy for a client, the Commvault software automatically enables third-party job authentication for the client. When you run a third party job, you must use the following options when you run third-party (RMAN) command line jobs:

  • Use the qlogin command with the -f (token file) option
  • Generate a token file
  • Specify a token file when you run RMAN commands

For more information, see, Configuring Oracle for CommCell Console Third-Party Job Authentication.

After you activate privacy, the only user that can browse a backup take by a user with privacy is the user that performed the backup operation.

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