Network Share Configuration for CIFS Shares

After installing the Windows File System Core and Windows File System packages on the data access nodes, you must configure a network share client, a backup set, and a subclient to manage your network file system data.

When you configure the network share client to back up CIFS shares, make sure to select only Windows clients as data access nodes.

Important: For existing network share clients and subclients, we recommend that you continue to use single node (proxy) for backup and restore operations. Use multiple nodes for backup and restore operations only on newly created clients and subclients.

When you add data access nodes to a network share client, you can select a client or a client group from the available nodes list. We recommend that you create separate client groups for Windows clients to quickly associate the required data access nodes for backup and restore operations.

Multiple Node Archiving Support for OnePass for NetApp

Multiple node backup for network share clients supports archiving on Windows.

Scanning and stubbing phases are run from the first node of the list of selected data access nodes for the client; backup operation is run from all selected data access nodes.

For more information about OnePass for Windows File System, see OnePass for Windows File System.


  1. When backup nodes are added to the exclusion list generated by the Client Manager Service (ClMgrS) service on the recall client , IPv6 addresses are not added.
  2. In the following cases, if the services on the primary recall client are restarted, then a new backup node will not be added to the exclusion list and the current archive job will trigger a stub recall:
    • Both primary and secondary recall clients are configured.
    • Primary recall client services are recycled at the end of the scan phase for the current archive job.
    • Primary recall client services are started during the backup phase after the backup node exclusion list is generated and a new backup node is added.

Scripts for Pre-Processes and Post-Processes

The scripts for pre-processes and post-processes must be present in the same location on all data access nodes.

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