Configuring Automatic Uploads of Disaster Recovery (DR) Backups to Commvault Cloud Services Portal

You can automatically upload copies of DR backups to the Commvault Cloud Services portal.

If you need to rebuild the CommServe server, and both the CommServe server and the destination are unusable — such as after a ransomware attack — you can use the DR backup in the cloud.


  • DR backups are uploaded and stored in Microsoft Azure, directly from your CommServe.
  • 1 DR backup copy, which includes 1 Full along with the latest Differential copy (if any), is retained in the cloud for 90 days.

For additional information on how DR Backups are stored and managed, see Uploading DR Backups to Commvault Cloud Services Portal.

Before You Begin

Verify the following:

  • The CommServe computer is registered to access Commvault Cloud Services. For more information about registering the CommServe computer, see Register Your Product.


  1. From the CommCell Console ribbon, on the Home tab, click Control Panel.
  2. Under Maintenance, click DR Backup.

    From the DR Backup Settings dialog box, select the Upload backup metadata to Commvault Cloud check box.

  3. Click OK.


Whenever a DR backup is performed, a copy of the DR data will be uploaded to the Commvault Cloud Services portal. (This is in addition to the network share or local drive specified for DR backups.)

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Last modified: 8/17/2020 9:24:03 PM