Accessing Disaster Recovery Backups from Commvault Cloud Services

You can view and download Disaster Recovery (DR) backups from Commvault Cloud Services.

Before You Begin

You must have an user account on the Cloud Services Portal. To create an user account, register your CommServe computer. For instructions, see Register Your Product.


  1. Open a Web browser, and navigate to https://cloud.commvault.com.
  2. Click MEMBER LOGIN.
  3. Enter your user name and password, and then click Login.

    You will be redirected to the My Applications page.

  4. Click DR Backups.

    A list of CommCell IDs shared with your user group will be displayed.

  5. Click the <CommCell ID>.

    For each DR Backup in the CommCell, a SET_<Job ID> directory is created. (The highest Job ID is associated with the latest DR backup.)

  6. Click the job ID associated with a DR backup that you wish to view or download:

    Within each directory, you will find database dumps (.dmp files) and log files included in the DR Backup job.

    Note: 1 DR backup copy, which includes 1 Full along with the latest Differential copy (if any), is retained in the cloud for 90 days.

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