Accessing Disaster Recovery Backups from Commvault Cloud Services

You can access the Disaster Recovery (DR) backups that are uploaded to the Commvault Cloud Services Portal from the CommServe computers that are registered on the cloud and that have Cloud Metrics Reporting activated.

You can access the backups on the DR Backups page on the portal. The files of each DR backup are available for access in a SET folder on the portal. All users of the company can view the DR backup files available in the SET folders. But only the Cloud CommCell administrators of the company can download the files.

However, other users can send a request to the Cloud CommCell administrators to allow download access to the files in a SET folder. After an administrator approves the request, the other user can download the files in a SET folder. At the time of approval, the administrator can set an access expiration date after which when the user cannot download the files.

If the company does not have a Cloud CommCell administrator, then the request is sent to Commvault administrators for approval.

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Last modified: 4/23/2021 7:13:55 PM