Add / Edit Storage (Advanced)

Cloud Storage

Proxy Server

Select if there is a proxy server between MediaAgent and Cloud Storage Server.

Proxy Address

Specify the proxy server ip address or the host name.


Specify the port number to connect through the proxy.

User Name

Specify the user name used to access the proxy server.


Specify the password of the specified user account.

Verify Password

Retype the password for confirmation.

HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Library

Access Type

Specifies the access type.

  • If the access type is Read, then that mount path is used only for read operations.
  • If the access type is Read/Write, then that mount path is used for both read and write operations.

Edit Maximum Allowed Writers

  • Maximum Allowed Writers

    Specifies the maximum number of concurrent writers on the mount path.

  • Allocate number of Writers

    By default, maximum number of concurrent writers are allocated on the mount path. To limit the number of writers, type the number of concurrent writers that you want to allocate.


Select this option to mark the MediaAgent as the preferred MediaAgent for data transfer operations. This option is selected by default in the MediaAgent in which the library is configured.

Connection via WAN

Select this option to enable data compression and checksum verification before writing data on the library.

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