Library Properties (General)

Use this dialog box to view or modify the properties of a Cloud Storage library.

Library Name

The alias provided by the user, for the library. The alias can be changed at any time without affecting the ability to restore data that may have already been backed up using the library.

Cloud Vendor Type

The name of the cloud library vendor.

Associated MediaAgents

The name of the MediaAgent(s) that control the library.

Number of Mount Paths

The total number of mount paths defined for the library.


The status of the library.

A library's online/offline status reflects its logical availability to the MediaAgent, not its physical availability. For example, a library can be enabled even if it is physically unavailable due to hardware failure.

Enable Library

Select the Enable Library option to bring the library online and make it available for use. Clear this option to take the library offline. When a library is offline, all the mount paths are inaccessible to the MediaAgent.

Hide Library

Indicates whether the library should be visible in the CommCell Console. When selected, the library will not be visible when the Show hidden libraries option available in Service Configuration tab of Media Management Configuration dialog box is disabled.

Mark Library Offline for Maintenance

Select this option to make the library unavailable for read/write operations such as backup, restore or auxiliary copy operations. However, the library will be available to perform other administrative tasks.

This option is useful when you wish to perform administrative or maintenance tasks on the library.

Mark Archive files as Read-Only

When selected, the system creates archive files in the library with read-only permissions.

Timeouts (in Minutes)

The timeout parameter determines how long a job waits for a status response after an operation is requested. If the job does not receive a success or failure status within the timeout period, the job is terminated and a failure message is displayed. You can set the following timeout periods:

  • Mount

    The number of minutes used to mount the library for read/write operations.

  • Unmount

    The number of minutes used to unmount the library after a read/write operation.

Offline Reason

Indicates the offline reason, when the Status of the library is displayed as Offline.


Use this field to enter a description about the entity. This description can include information about the entity's content, cautionary notes, etc.

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