Library Properties (Mount Paths)

Use this dialog box to view or modify the mount path properties of a Cloud Storage library.


  • Automatically add data paths for new drivepools configured

    When enabled, the system automatically adds the alternate data paths for a shared library.

Mount Path Usage

The following parameters are applicable when there are several mount paths in the library:

  • Fill and spill mount paths

    Specifies that the system should completely consume (fill) the free space in a mount path before utilizing another mount path.

  • Spill and fill mount paths

    Specifies that the system should round-robin (spill) between the available mount paths for each job.

    Prefer mount paths with more free space

    Specifies that while using the round-robin method to write the data, the system will use the mount path with the most free space available. The Free space in GB can be defined using the Free space difference in GB to consider preferring mount paths with more free space parameter.

  • Select mount path for MediaAgent according to the preferred setting

    Specifies the mount path that must be picked for write operations. (By default this option is cleared .)

    When selected, the mount path set as the 'preferred' mount path for the MediaAgent (selected in the data path), is picked for write operations.

    When cleared, the mount path is picked based either on the 'spill and fill' or the 'fill and spill' option set for the library.

    Note: Select this option to prevent write operations from occurring over a network.

Mount Path Allocation Policy

  • Maximum Allowed Writers

    When selected, maximum number of concurrent writers on the library will be established.

  • Allocate No. of Writers

    When selected, allows you to establish the maximum number of writers on the library.

Last modified: 8/1/2018 6:06:56 PM