Back Up from Standby Server

Backup operations can affect the performance on the production server. In a healthy replication setup, standby server has data similar as the production server, at any time. Commvault PostgreSQL standby backup operation can utilize the standby server for backup operations. This enables you to offload backup activity from the production (master) server to its standby server. Jobs that you start on the master server are offloaded to be performed on a standby server. Backups are registered to the master server.

If the replication is found to be broken at any point of time, the backup operations from such a standby server is not useful, as it will not include the latest data. In such a case, backup operations can be run on the master server itself, until the standby server is repaired. This ensures a continuous backup activity.

The following are the key features of PostgreSQL standby server backup operation:

  • Offloading the backup operations on master server for improved performance.
  • Flexibility to utilize the production server for seamless backup activity in the event of a standby server failure.

We support backup operation from a standby server for regular and snap backup operations running on FSBased backup set. We do not support it for block level backup operations.


  • Both the master server and the standby server should be Linux computers.
  • You can perform backup and restore operations from a single master-standby unit only. You cannot perform backup operation from multiple standby servers.
  • Backup and restore operations for a standby server can be performed from PostgreSQL and EnterpriseDB version 9.2 to version 11. For version 12, you can run a standby backup for a streaming replication setup.

Last modified: 2/5/2021 7:12:51 AM